If you work with victims of human trafficking, we want to help you provide them with an important service that is often overlooked. 

Human Trafficking Legal Network (HTLN) is a non-profit that specializes helping victims obtain the financial resources they need to begin a new life. We help to combat human trafficking by filing civil lawsuits that put traffickers out of business. 

We want to collaborate with you. We want to help the victims you are already helping. Please complete the Confidential Civil Lawsuit form below for each victim you are assisting. We believe every victim deserves to have his or her case reviewed by an experienced civil trial lawyer. We will do this confidentially and at no cost. 

Our goal is to help all victims obtain a verdict or settlement that will provide them with the financial resources that lead to choices, freedom and new beginnings. Our services are completely confidential and are provided at no cost to victims.

If you work with, or know a victim of human trafficking, please fill out the Confidential Civil Lawsuit form below for a free evaluation.  Thank you.  




Confidential Civil Lawsuit Form

Your Submission will be kept 100% Confidential

Information provided to Human Trafficking Legal Network (HTLN) is obtained by a licensed California attorney and is strictly confidential. Our mission is to obtain enough information to determine if we can help victims file a civil action against those responsible for their suffering. If, based upon the information you provide, we believe there is a basis for a case our attorney will contact you to obtain a more extensive intake.


We ask that you not provide the victim's full name. Please provide a first name and last initial or some other nickname.
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HTLN is currently only able to assist victims who have been trafficked in the United States.
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