There are many good people and organizations helping victims of human trafficking with issues such as immigration, rescue, housing, relocation, criminal justice assistance and much more.  Human Trafficking Legal Network (HTLN) was started to help victims in a different way; in a way which is often overlooked. HTLN helps victims find civil trial lawyers to sue those responsible for their trafficking. Our mission is to help victims obtain a civil personal injury verdict or settlement. We believe this will help create opportunities, freedom and new beginnings. 

We believe in the fundamental dignity and decency of every human being.  We believe that recovery of money damages provides victims with the resource they need to start a new life. We believe that the problem of human trafficking will be solved through the civil justice system, not the criminal justice system.  

If you or your organization works with victims of human trafficking, we urge you to fill out our free initial evaluation form or provide our contact information directly to the victims you work with so we can determine if they are a viable candidate for a civil action. The services of HTLN are free to victims and all communications are strictly confidential.



A Message from Chairman Daniel Amos

For 25 years I practiced personal injury law and represented people who were injured by the negligence of others. When I learned about the horrors of human trafficking I was shocked by the abuse suffered by victims and I dedicated myself to representing the thousands of innocent men, women and children who are victims of human trafficking. 

I started the Human Trafficking Legal Network (HTLN) to unleash the fury of our country’s best civil trial lawyers on the organizations and enterprises who prey on innocent victims.  

Human rights attorney Martina Vandenberg, who I consider one of our nation’s top authorities on human trafficking, told me that the problem of human trafficking in the United States won’t be solved through our criminal justice system, but through our civil justice system when every victim has their own civil lawyer. That’s what I strive to do at HTLN.

HTLN provides an often overlooked legal specialty to victims of human trafficking. Most victims receive a cursory review of their potential civil action or no review at all. Statistics show that even though there are hundreds of thousands of victims, only a few civil lawsuits are ever filed.  HTLN provides a world-class review by the best personal injury lawyers in the country. Every victim deserves this opportunity. I bring 25 years of experience as a specialist in personal injury law and seven years as the owner of a State Bar Certified Lawyer Referral Service (Higher Legal LRS #130) to victims of human trafficking.

As a successful trial lawyer for 25 years, it is my opinion that a civil action for money damages is a victim’s best chance to recover their life and their dignity. I was blessed to have partnered and worked with some of the greatest civil trial lawyers of our time, including Brian Panish, Gary Paul and Browne Greene to name just a few. The HTLN has the resources and the ability to change lives by bringing world-class legal representation to victims.  

I urge you to connect me with every victim of human trafficking that you or your organization has ever helped so that my team of expert trial lawyers and I can make a personal assessment of their chance for a civil damages lawsuit. The primary statute we utilize contains a 5-year statute of limitations from the time the victim is released from his or her trafficker, so even victims who were rescued many years ago still have an opportunity to sue their traffickers. 

There is no charge for our services. As a non-profit 501(c)3, HTLN provides all legal services, private investigator charges, expert fees and other litigation costs free of charge to our clients. I urge you to fill out our free initial evaluation form, to contact me or have any victims you are working with contact me directly.

Thank you for your assistance and I look forward to serving you.  


Daniel Amos
Chairman and Founder